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Extend A Bond Plus Hair Piece Tape (10 Strips)

 3,118  2,650


Extend A Bond Plus Hair Piece Tape (10 Strips)

(2 customer reviews)

 3,118  2,650

Extend-A-bond is made by Walker Tape Co. Made in USA.

It has the longest hold time from 3-5 weeks. In addition, it uses fingerprint technology, which gives it a dull finish. Available in 100-count boxes and 10-count stripes in a packet.

  • Hold Time: 4+ Weeks
  • Wear Type: Permanent
  • Contours: Strips
  • Liner Color: White
  • Compatible Base: Lace
  • Strip Size: 1.5 Inch Width and 12 Inch Length
  • Number of Pieces: (10 Stripes) in a packet.

Easy to use

Important : This product will take 5 to 7 Working Days to delivery at your doorstep.

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Extend A Bond Plus Hair Piece Tape. Low-shine very strong bonding tape. A bonus being this is less messy to clean up and does not break down. Results vary, It is a super strong, super flexible tape that can last for up to 5 weeks! Extend A Bond Plus was the top end of the market, The manufacturer says 6 weeks, we say 3 to 5 weeks is very likely for lace wearers and up to 6 weeks for Toupee wearers.

Extend A Bond Plus is designed to minimise the shine that is often visible through the front edge of lace systems. Air holes allow your skin to breath and helps to prevent skin irritation. This tape must be released thoroughly with Lace Release to prolong the life of the lace and improve clean-up.

Tapes and liquid adhesives come in a variety of strengths to match diverse lifestyles. Your own body chemistry will affect how long and how well each product works for you. You can mix and match to get the best performance, use tape around the perimeter and liquid adhesive at the hairline, or one type of tape in front and a different tape elsewhere, etc.

Extend A Bond Plus is available in 100-count boxes and 10-count stripes in a packet.


2 reviews for Extend A Bond Plus Hair Piece Tape (10 Strips)

  1. Ijaz malik

    Very strong and long lasting tape i am used without liquid. Its hold up to 25 days.

  2. imtiaz ali

    Easy to apply. Hold for at least a month, in between trimming my own hair on top. Highly recommend.

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